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Why I’m running              
1) The councils actions the past two years.
     2) To ensure government neutrality on social issues.
  3) The need for real fiduciary accountability.
4) Public safety and peace.                              
    I want to fill in my reasoning on the above points.  1)    Three main issues, mandates, lockdowns and school closures.         


A)  They mandated an as yet unproven medical technology to remain in employment and in the schools. Yes, no matter how much a billion dollars spent by our federal government and the 70% or so ad revenue from Big Pharma has bought in cooperation from corporate media, the mRNA shots are clearly dangerous, and not safe as so many claim. Yet, in a rush either from paranoia, or just parroting others these shots were pushed on people. They neither prevent transmission or stop infection and people who were walking around perfectly healthy were treated as plague rats. Further, a number of credible, even internationally recognized medical journals published studies showing that those “vaccinated” could carry as heavy a viral load as those not “vaccinated”.                                                                                                                                                                          I consider this to have been a crime against humanity, and find it appalling that those behind this mandate should be allowed to continue on as having done nothing wrong.


B)    The lockdowns. They were part of the laptop class that took their ease in the safety of their studies, while those that couldn’t found themselves without income or losing their business. They clearly supported the lockdowns and ignored the fact that the lockdowns caused more harm than good.

C)School closures. It was known early on that youth were not vectors of spread, and almost at nil risk of harm from covid. In Europe, and particularly Sweden schools remained open without issue, yet here we continued so called “virtual” learning, which for those well off were not significantly impacted, but for those lacking the resources or even parental time to transition they lost years of education. This means less ability down the road to earn a living and that means life years lost. 


              2)    Social matters. Unfortunately, there are those who see using the force of government to impose their version of society rather having government be a disinterested referee, a referee that is there to protect person and property through codified laws based on person and property. As well at a local level, matters such infrastructure.

This means as well that government is not supposed to be picking winners and losers and determining what project or group they will distribute other people’s money (where tax revenue comes from) to the cause, project or organization they choose. This is also a means of imposing your will to shape society.                                                                                     3) Fiduciary responsibility. Clearly if MoCo has the money to give grants and support non-profits, then it is taking too much from the residents of the county. As well, rather than running services like Ride-On based on actual consumership which shows if resources are being properly allocated, the elected officials of MoCo have chosen to use it a means of redistribution.


Right now, we are heading into worsening economic conditions, and while there has been an illusory recovery through the federal government throwing fiat money out, it is the time to give relief to the residents of this county and seek to be as austere as possible.       



          4)Public safety and peace. Policing and justice, for a government to be legitimate, must be used to make people whole when harmed through violence, fraud, theft, or when reasonable standards for public peace are violated, such as noise ordinances. It must be neutral, based only on whether wrong was done, not based on a person’s status, group or belief.

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February 11, 2023

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